American Airlines 1

Lax to Hawaii – American Airlines

I have flown with AA many times but this time it just felt a little different.

First, the re-branding and new livery is simply outstanding. I think it looks extremely unique and stylish.

As I boarded the A321 – it was lavishly looked comfortable and beautiful – Perhaps newly serviced or a newly delivered? Anyway!

The flight took off on time and left for beautiful hawaii from Los angeles.

Service was good and offered plenty of snacks and drinks.

although as it seems the bathrooms on these american airlines are getting smaller and smaller. My god, I am a big buy and I felt super embarrassed because for a moment, I thought I wasn’t going to fit inside. LOL!

It all worked out eventually. The return flight after a 7 day vacay was absolutely flawless as well. Although a noise neighbor kept the flight quite interesting but the airliner has definitely improved a lot in recent years.

I have become a frequent flyer with this airline and racking up miles.

Go forth – Go beyond !

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