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Fascinating Vancouver

I was getting my third or fourth cup of coffee on a dull Friday afternoon at work. Just like any other day, I was hoping the day would end soon so I could go home and kick off my weekend festivities. As the clock was winding down, my manager called out my name to come see him. Rest is ….. We are flying to Vancouver.

Just an FYI, my company’s second HQ is located in Vancouver, thus, the trip.

The Trip

We found some amazing deals on Alaska Airlines – Here are some business class deals – It was my first time flying with Alaska Airline. I had always read good reviews about them and now it was time to finally experience it. We took off on time from LAX headed towards Seattle’s Tacoma Airport (Our plan was to do a short road trip from Seattle to Vancouver). The flight was quite pleasant as the aircraft was seemingly calm throughout and comfortable too. It didn’t take too long for me to put Alaska Airline in my top 5 carriers to fly with.

Seattle to Vancouver – The road trip

We got ourselves a comfortable rental car and took off from Seattle en route Vancouver. The scenery during spring season in Seattle is soulful and beautiful. Light rain with a hint of sunshine piercing through the low hanging clouds was a spectacle to see. As we kept headed northbound, the scenery kept getting better and better as we approached Bellingham. The last coastal city before Canadian border. The drive on Interstate 5 is beyond any description. If any of you can, you shall must add this little road trip in your to – do – list because it is so much worth it. The fun didn’t end at the border! After entering the Great White North, the entire feeling changed, the atmosphere and the vibe, all felt surreal.

During my time, I visited a few renowned places

  1. Stanley Park
  2. Museum of Anthropology
  3. Gastown
  4. Flyover Canada – The ride
  5. Road to Whistler
  6. Plenty of Restaurants and Bars

Oh man! was I amazed by every time I stepped out of our hotel room to do some activity. Every day was another beautiful day and every day was another adventure. The life, the people, the city is captivating, interesting and charming.

While my short trip ended the same  way it started. We drove back to Seattle to catch our flight to LA with Alaska Airlines.

Although this was a short trip but Vancouver has made its place in my heart forever. One day, I shall return!

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