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LAX (LGB) to MCO – JetBlue

It was my first go with JetBlue.

Initially was scheduled to depart LAX but on the eve of the flight, I got a notice from the airline saying, hey! go to Long beach due ‘I don’t know what reasons’ but hey, Long beach is closer to me and its less of a hassle to go through the checking process at LGB. Win win for me.

I was anxious to get on board this flight because of all the good things I had heard about JetBlue. I did my due diligence before booking my ticket obviously but sometimes, something dont fall under expectations. Thus, my curiosity was spiking *dramatic music*

Fortunately, I was assigned ‘good seats’ and I got to board the aircraft fairly early. (No, I did not skip lines) but the credit goes to my wife. She’s a champ when it comes to get up and go!

As I boarded the aircraft, I was initially greeted by warm staff who guided me towards my seat. I found plenty of room in the compartment above my seat for my bags.

The seats, as expected had plenty of legroom (Surprisingly but hey I read about them) the seat itself felt pretty comfortable. I quickly hooked up my devices and went on Airplane mode.

Flight took off on time !

As this was a night flight, most of the passengers were knocked out. I usually stay up most of the flight – honestly, I enjoy it!

The service began – Round one: Snacks and drinks – Round two: Snacks and drinks. I was very pleased with this second round because I was so hungry and I really needed another can of coke. At that point, JetBlue nailed it. It was on my top 5 list.

We arrived ahead of time. Overall it was quite a pleasant, relaxing and smooth journey!

Ever since then, I have become a huge fan of this airline. Go over to JetBlue and Book your next trip or Sign up for TrueBlue rewards.

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