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Road to Hana

It was day 3 of my trip to Maui, Hawaii with my wife and as we had planned, we were going to take the Valley Isle Excursion’s Hana tour.

This excursion was planned way before we left from Los Angeles. I tend to prepare and book my excursions and sightseeing tours ahead of time. The price seemed a bit too much at first but when the day arrived and the minute we began our tour, we were gladly satisfied with our choice of company and the tour itself. A lot of people choose to do this tour or drive if you want to call it, by themselves in their own car or other means. For me, I like to be in a comfort of a van, driven by a professional so I can enjoy the beauty this tour had to offer.

We were picked up from our hotel at 7 am exactly as planned. I had my Nikon camera locked and loaded with hat, shorts and comfy sneakers on.

After pickup, the first stop on the Tour to Hāna  was an island-style continental breakfast at the Dunes of Maui Lani. We were served with fresh coffee, croissant, fruits and fresh juices. From there on, the road trip began. I would like to specially mention our tour guide/driver who was a local resident with abundance of knowledge and extremely friendly demeanor. It is quite rare that I have seen someone so talkative during a long journey and yet keep his cool in check. I was delighted and by the time we reached halfway, I was fully satisfied and told myself that this was worth every penny.

Some of the major highlights and spots I recommend.

  1. Black sand beach
  2. Hanawi Falls
  3. Wailua Falls
  4. Bamboo Forest
  5. Local shops

And so many more beautiful spots to refresh, take pictures, eat and shop!

This tour was the highlight of my trip and I would recommend everyone to go on the Road to hana if you are in Maui.




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