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Chicago – The windy city

Chicago… Brrr!

As most of us would presume, Chicago is best visited in Spring or Summer due to its cold/freezing weather during winter season. I traveled to Chicago from Los Angeles after the new year’s weekend. To my luck, the north east was being bombarded with snow storms for weeks prior. However, my trip was planned beforehand and I had no choice but to go ahead with it. 3 nights and 4 days in the windy city – here’s how it went!

The weather

My wife and I arrived around 2 pm from LAX to O’hare through American Airlines (Loved the new livery and service). We like to travel light and avoid checking any baggage so we were through pretty quick. Our hotel was about a 10 minute drive so we decided to catch an Uber. Curiosity of peaking through the doors to check the cold weather was there, but we held ourselves back because we weren’t fully ‘guarded’ with jackets and ear muffs etc. But.. what can I say, wife wanted to check, so we both ended up stepping outside for like… umm.. 10 seconds and we came back inside the terminal. I spoke to my uber driver and told him our exact position so we wouldn’t have to wait. Off we went to our hotel.

The weather … at night

We decided to take a stroll outside our hotel to experience what everyone had talked about – the shredded snowflakes, the whiff of freezing wind. Even though we had prepared ourselves for this cold but we could not stand or walk for more than a minute. But we are stubborn, we are adventurous, we moved on, we kept walking! I kept asking myself how do people cope with this kind of weather on daily basis? I have never felt so blessed to be from California.

The city

It is unlike any other. Ok, that’s very generic but yes, it is unlike LA or San Francisco or even the big apple to be fair. The windy city has its own vibe and sensation. The feeling of being in the center makes you feel alive, makes you feel unstoppable. As tourist, I felt like I could spend an entire day by the Cloud gate and wouldn’t get tired or just stroll along the millennium park for miles or the navy pier. Every corner has a story filled with rich history. I absolutely LOVED every bit of it.

The food

Every city and has a unique taste and distinctive variety of eateries. Chicago is one of them. One of the most famous is the Chicago-Style deep dish pizza. It is specially baked in a deep pan which gives it plenty of space in between to be filled with cheese, cheese and more cheese. Giodarno is one of the places that makes this pizza, however if you are a Chicago native, you may know a ton of other small places that sell this pizza. It is however a MUST try!

Things to do

Get a cityPass if you have time to explore the city! but if you are limited on time, then you must try the following:

  1. Willis Tower
  2. Millennium Park
  3. Cloud Gate
  4. Navy Pier
  5. Shedd Aquarium
  6. Adler Planetarium
  7. Art institute of Chicago
  8. Museum of Science and History
  9. Skydeck
  10. and much more!




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