FILE PHOTO: A View Of One Of Two Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Engines Of The Boeing 787 Dreamliner During A Media Tour Of The Aircraft Ahead Of The Singapore Airshow In Singapore February 12, 2012.   REUTERS/Edgar Su/File Photo

Time to curb some dreamliners with RR engines

Boeing’s new flagship aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner has been a huge success ever since it began serving long haul flights for major carriers. Out of those, almost a quarter of them are doomed for restrictions due to problems with the Rolls-Royce Engine.

The regulators in US and Europe are responding to the revelations on Friday from Rolls-Royce that 380 engines needed additional inspections since they debuted four years ago with the 787-9 and to address durability issues that has worsen than originally thought. Arising Questions about the Trent’s intermediate pressure compressor blades surfaced with All Nippon Airways in 2016 and in December when Air New Zealand Dreamliners suffered turbine damage during flights on multiple days.

There’s more to this story as its still developing. Ciao!

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