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How to earn travel points

First off, what is a travel point? How to earn travel points?

A. It is a reward for the passenger for their loyalty with an Airline, it is also known as frequent flyer miles or travel points, all of them are part of a loyalty program offered by airlines through various programs and sometimes through credit cards. Generally, you accumulate a set amount of points/miles based on how far you fly or how much you spend on your credit card.

With that said, lets jump on and find out the best way to maximize your points.

1.Credit Card

Credit cards are by far the most common and have the most lucrative offers on travel points. The deal here is to pick out the best credit card. Some credit cards offer travel points with large sum of annual fees, some offer huge sign up bonuses, some offer a very low annual percentage to begin with. Some of the best travel rewards cards I have used are: Bank of America Travel Rewards, Sapphire Preferred, Chase ultimate rewards and Amex platinum card. There are many Airlines that have teamed up with Credit card companies to offer great deals on travel points, such as American Airlines AA Advantage card and JetBlue’s Trublue Credit Card.

2.Brand Loyalty

Now this may seem a little too far fetched for a once in a blue moon traveler, but if you do travel frequently, staying loyal with an Airline can give you travel points and perks beyond imagination. I have been flying with American Airlines for over 4 years now, consecutively. I have racked up SO many miles that I was able to get upgrades, get discounts, access to lounges etc.

3. Maximize your points

A lot of travelers don’t realize that travel points continue to accumulate on the ground as well. Most of the credit cards offer equal value of the points if you use your credit card to purchase dinner at a restaurant or shop in a mall. Skip the cash, use the travel points credit card.



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